Former CIA Director – Wuhan Lab is Still Up and Running



Restaurants Are Forced to Raise Prices Across the Nation – Another Example of the Coming Inflation Threat

An extremely disturbing discover took place in Canada at the site of a school designed to force assimilation on indigenous children from all over the country.  The remains of 215 children were discovered buried on the school grounds by using ground penetrating radar.  The school was opened in 1890.  Reports of up to 6,000 deaths were reported due to neglect and abuse.  They latest find shows the total may be higher.

Economists are warning that the country will see rising inflationary pressures in the coming few months.  According to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Biden administration is trying to hyperstimulate the US economy after it was battered by COVID-19 lockdowns. With very low interest rates and elevated federal spending the US dollar is being depreciated.  As the currency loses value the result is paying a higher price for goods.



Coronavirus around blood cells

Former CIA Director – Wuhan Lab is Still Up and Running


Goldman Points Out a Big Aspect Taking Place in the Commodity Market

Slow Testing Pushes Back Dates New F-35s Can Enter Service

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