Former ICE Director’s Dire Warning Over Biden’s Illegal Immigrant Push



Massive and Deadly Highway Pileup Involved Over 100 Vehicles

Former NFL quarterback turned social justice warrior Colin Kaepernick has joined forces with the Wall Street SPAC craze.  His goal is to raise at least $287 million to push leftist social justice themes. 

Groups of environmentalists are suing the Environmental Protection Agency because the Trump administration did not raise air-quality standards.

In comments to the Economic Club of New York Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell said fluid monetary policies will remain in place until evidence of inflation spiking.



Honduran migrants heading to the border with Guatemala, march in the municipality of El Florido, in the Honduran department of Copan, on January 15, 2021 on their way to the United States. - Some 3,000 people left Honduras on foot January 15 in the latest migrant caravan hoping to find a welcome, and a better life, in the US under President-elect Joe Biden. Seeking to escape poverty, unemployment, gang and drug violence and the aftermath of two devastating hurricanes, the migrants plan to walk thousands of kilometers through Central America.

Former ICE Director’s Dire Warning Over Biden’s Illegal Immigrant Push


Are We Staring at a Huge Financial Bubble?

Nerf Sales of Mandalorian Rifle Flying Off the Shelf

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